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Welcome to the Alumni section of our website. We are very proud of all our student's achievements, past and present.

There has been a school on this site for over 150 years and it has a fascinating history. You can see some of the photographs that former pupils have shared in our Alumni Gallery.

     Adelaide 1913      Adelaide 1962

It is very important to us and really nice to know how our ex-students are doing once they have left Adelaide School. We are very interested in what they are doing and would really like to keep in touch with as many people as possible.

We would also love to share the  memories of your time here. If you would like to share your memories please email Mrs Steventon:


June Aitken (Adelaide Pupil in the late 1950's, early 1960's) remembers her time here (June had eight brothers all of whom went to Adelaide.):

"Miss Rowe had the reception class at the very end of the school closest to West Street attached to the back of the Hall. There was a separate entrance to reception. There were four playgrounds in total: one for Reception, one for Infants, one for Junior boys and one for Junior girls. The Head of the Infants was Miss Farnell (a right battleaxe). Mr Durber was Head of the Juniors. Other Teachers were Mr and Mrs Wilson (Mr Wilson also worked a s a driving instructor at Crewe School of Motoring), Kitty Brookes, Miss Boughey (lived at the Retreat off Broad Street and was well-known for making peppermint creams), Mr Ratcliffe who had one of the old fashioned high school master desks and was fond of throwing the board duster at disruptive pupils and Mr Kearton who played the piano".

Many former Adelaide Pupils come back and visit and we love to see them and hear about what they are doing now.

We recently conducted a survey of pupils who left Adelaide School in the last 5 years and here are just a few of the lovely comments they shared with us:


Leavers 2020

Unfortunately due to Covid restrictions we were not able to hold our usual celebration event for our year 11 Leavers 2020. As exam certificates finally arrived from the exam boards we made sure we celebrated with each one of them individually. Some were able to pay a socially distanced visit to school whilst others received a doorstep delivery from us. We are extremely proud of all of our 2020 Leavers and wish them all well for what we are certain will be fantastic futures.

Leavers 2021

A year on and still under Covid restrictions we said goodbye to our Year 11 pupils. We were delighted to be able to have a small outdoor celebration. We are extremely proud of all of our 2021 Leavers and wish them all well for what we are certain will be fantastic futures.

Leavers 2022

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Leavers 2023

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Leavers 2024