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'To help young people help themselves'

Thank you both for having us over to Adelaide today, it was our pleasure to showcase the career options in the Chemical Supply Chain, especially logistics. 

We were thrilled to see the emphasis you have put on ensuring your students develop soft skills such as communication, listening.  Our members also refer to soft skills as "employability skills" because they are highly valued by employers across various industries. Strong communication, teamwork, and problem-solving abilities can make students more attractive candidates in the job market, increasing their chances of securing meaningful employment. From our members (160 employers) we hear time and again, that they prefer to recruit those with good ‘employability skills’ than experience. 

These skills empower students to become well-rounded individuals who can contribute positively to society, excel in their careers, and lead fulfilling lives and we’re always pleased to see the impact schools can make in this area. - 

Heather Carroll - People & Skills Lead, Chemical Business Association


Adelaide School is preparing their students effectively via a comprehensive CEIAG programme that is embedded across the curriculum and is delivered through a whole school approach.    The Careers Programme is well planned and delivered, and the staff are committed to providing the best opportunities they can for the students across a range of activities.  There is real commitment from all of the staff involved from the Head Teacher and Senior Team, the School Governors and all of the teaching and support staff led by a passionate and committed Careers Lead. The school has clearly demonstrated that it meets both the Gatsby Benchmarks and the National Quality in Careers Standard.  

Adelaide School is nationally accredited by the Quality in Careers Standard as fully meeting all the accreditation criteria incorporating the Gatsby Benchmarks.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     Career Connect as a Licensed Awarding Body for the Quality in Careers Standard - 2023

‘My time in school was a great, friendly experience. I always enjoyed going to school. It definitely helped me get myself on track for work in the future. It taught me how to get along with people, this is something I do not think I would have figured out for myself.’

 Ricky  - 2019 Leaver

‘My experience at Adelaide was amazing. They were always really supportive of me. Without Adelaide I wouldn't be where I am today. My favourite memory is of our residential at Pettypool. I always loved to walk into lessons. Adelaide also sent me on work experience to prepare me for life and work. Honestly, I couldn't have asked for anything more from all the teachers. They all supported me. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.’

 Callum, Apprentice Landscape Gardener - 2019 Leaver.

“The teachers have helped me by giving me the opportunity to do subjects which will be important to my future career choices , such as Finance. They helped me to get into my first choice of College. I have never been so grateful.

Cahlan—Student—2021 Leaver

"Adelaide School enables  students students to access extended work experience opportunities through our provision, as well as giving their learners meaningful careers advice and guidance.  There is a real sense of culture with careers in School, and we  have celebrated a number of successes with student outcomes.

 Adelaide School is the flagship in the trust for Gatsby, achieving 100% in all  eight areas.  This outstanding achievement is a testament to the hard work to all involved in the School.

 The Careers provision, and work experience was celebrated in the latest Inclusion report for significantly reducing the number of students not in education or employment post 16.  In fact 100% of year 11 students in 2019 went on to further education,  apprenticeships or full time employment.  

 Careers is embedded into the curriculum, and it is referenced in all STEM subjects.  Careers is not limited to the classroom.  students have access to work experience, opportunities to visit Colleges, they have interactions with industry, and students  attend careers events throughout the academic year.

 Changing Education is proud to be associated with a school that has a forward-thinking attitude to careers, and work based learning, and as each year goes by, the careers provision gets stronger'.

 Craig Blount -Changing Education

'There is a sense of true community, with inclusive practices being well embedded and a high commitment from all staff in ensuring that every child is supported and enabled to achieve their potential. Alongside this the belief in the ‘holistic development of pupils, not just their academic achievement’ shines through and preparation for their future lives, beyond school, whilst making every effort to fulfil their aspirations is comprehensive, with preparation for possible future careers commencing as soon as pupils start at the school. Careers education is embedded in the culture of the school.
Preparation for transition into future careers and education is a strength of the school.
There is a comprehensive careers curriculum to encourage pupils’ aspirations, from the beginning of coming to the school. From Year 9, pupils attend local colleges and experience a range of taster courses, which helps them to understand themselves and what they want to achieve in life. Pupils also work with ‘Changing Education’ from this age to help them plan a career and work experience. In 2019 destination data showed 100% of pupils were in sustained destinations well above the national average of 94% and the SEN figure of 90%. The school sustained 100% in 2020. All pupils that leave Adelaide School are tracked until they are 25, as they have a Statement of SEND or EHCP plan. Transition displays in school encourage aspiration in pupils as they see their peers achieving'.
Report on IQM Inclusive School Award - 2020 

Survey for Parents and Carers

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