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'To help young people help themselves'

At Adelaide School we aspire to develop students in becoming effective communicators, readers and writers: all of which play a huge role in leading a successful life.

Whilst the programme of study is heavily dictated by the National Curriculum, we aim to incorporate texts and activities that will help to engage and inspire our students that have become disaffected by the school environment. Students will be able to experience historical texts, Shakespeare, classics, contemporary books, plays and poems.

When students join Adelaide in Key Stage 2, we are aware that they may have gaps in their knowledge and therefore use years 6 and 7 to consolidate the skills and knowledge to provide a base for the upper school years of study.

In key stage 3 these skills are then developed further, new skills are introduced and independence is encouraged.

Before entering KS4, the teacher, student and parent will discuss the available pathways, collectively deciding which pathway will meet the needs and benefit the individual the most. Students who choose the Vocational Pathway will access a range of qualifications including: Entry Level Certificate, Functional Skills, iGCSE English and GCSE English Language, whilst those students who follow the Academic Pathway will also be entered for GCSE English Literature.

Regardless of their age, ability or pathway chosen, we aim to provide a personalised approach. Each lesson will be differentiated effectively to ensure that all students are given the best chance to achieve. Interventions and extra support are also offered for students who may benefit from it.

We have embedded a whole-school approach to developing literacy skills, with a key focus on “Disciplinary Literacy” and ensuring that literacy is incorporated into all subjects. This commitment towards developing literacy throughout the school exemplifies our belief that competent literacy ability allows students to access all areas of the curriculum and beyond.

Furthermore, whilst reading skills are taught within English lessons, we also provide separate reading lessons where students can select and read texts that are suitable for their ability and importantly, engage them. We also offer a parent book club, to improve the reading culture of our school community and to develop the reading skills of our parents.

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