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GCSE Exams

Date AM - 09:15 Start PM - 13:30 Start
Wed 26th May

English Language - P1 - 1h 45m

DT - P1 - 1h 15m

Thurs 27th May Maths - P1 - Non Calc - 1h 30m
Mon 7th June DT - P2 - 1h
Tues 8th June
Wed 9th June
Thurs 10th June English Language - P2 - 1h 45m
Fri 11th June Maths - P2 - Calc - 1h 30m
Mon 14th June Statistics - P1 - 1h 30m
Tues 15th June
Wed 16th June
Thurs 17th June
Fri 18th June Maths - P3 - Calc - 1h 30m
Mon 28th June
Tues 29th June Statistics - P2 - 1h 30m
Wed 30th June
Thurs 1st July Food Preparation - 1h 30m


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