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'To help young people help themselves'

Adelaide School’s ‘Forest school’ is an outdoor education prototypical model, in which students visit local Cheshire and Staffordshire’s natural green spaces to learn personal, social and technical skills. It has been defined as ‘an inspirational process that offers children regular opportunities to achieve and develop confidence through hands-on learning in a woodland environment’.

Here at Adelaide school, we develop the students to achieve personal goals, whilst increasing their social skills. They visit and learn about our beautiful local environment, building positive and lasting relationships, developing problem-solving, resilience and improving communication skills. Ultimately having a great time out of the classroom environment.

Autumn  Term 2023

This term the Year 6, 7 and Year 9’s has been developing rope work, focusing on knots, shelter construction and also the ability to camouflage these shelters in a woodland environment.

Rope work focusing on the Timber Hitch, (knot attaching a rope securely to a tree trunk,) Figure Eight used for attaching and tightening ropes. Also, a Cow Hitch and Clove Hitch used to secure and keep the tension of the rope.

Shelter construction, using a lean to and tent effect with a Tarpaulin. Then using camouflage nets and the surrounding leaf litter and dead fall to blend the shelters into the undergrowth to visually hide the shelter.

All three-year groups, will now start to incorporate the Clove Hitch and rope work to construct a Christmas decoration. This item can then be taken home to share their experiences of the forest environment, with their friends and family…

Mr Carter

Forest School Autumn Term 2023