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'To help young people help themselves'

Providing remote education information to parents Document January 2021

Pupils will have access to remote learning throughout the National Lockdown. 

This is the new timetable which starts from 22nd February 2021:

teams guide for pupils.pdf

Below are links to some great websites that you could also use.

Remember this worry time can also be a great opportunity for pupils to learn some new skills. Try a new craft, learn to sign, do some gardening, listen to music you would not usually try, write to relatives that you cannot see at the moment, play a card game, read a book, help with decorating, paint a rainbow for your window to brighten someone's day and many more.....

My Well-being

Advice from Childline about dealing with stress and anxiety

Click Here

Advice about Coronavirus and protecting your mental health Click Here
Well-being and alternative activities to try at home Click Here
Learn to sign Click Here
Lego Challenges Click Here
Harry Potter Virtual Escape Room Click Here
Mr Printables Crafts Click Here
Free Kids Crafts Click Here
Crayola Crafts Click Here
Indoor Activities for Kids Click Here
Funology Arts and Crafts Click Here
Boomerang Lets Create Click Here
Gonoodle Exercise and Dance Click Here

Star Wars Virtual Escape Room

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My Learning


Starting on Monday 11 January, each week day on CBBC will see a three-hour block of primary school programming from 9am, including BBC Live Lessons and BBC Bitesize Daily, as well as other educational programming such as Our School and Celebrity Supply Teacher and much loved titles such as Horrible Histories, Art Ninja and Operation Ouch.

BBC Two will cater for secondary students with programming to support the GCSE curriculum, with a least two hours of content each weekday.

Content will be built around Bitesize Daily secondary shows, complemented by Shakespeare and classic drama adaptations alongside science, history and factual titles from the BBC’s award-winning factual programming units.

Bitesize Daily primary and secondary will also air every day on BBC Red Button as well as episodes being available on demand on BBC iPlayer.

Reaseheath College Resources Click Here
IDEA: Mini courses where you can earn badges and awards. Lots of courses about coding, gaming, online safety and more.... Click Here
Learning Games Click Here
Cbeebies Leaning Click Here

Workbooks to print in a variety of subjects and age groups

Click Here
Virtual Tour of Parliament Click Here
Virtual Tour of London Click Here
Virtual Tour of The National Gallery Click Here
Virtual Tour of The Louvre Click Here
Virtual Tour of The Oriental Institute Museum Click Here
Virtual Tour of The National Museum of Natural History Click Here
Virtual Tour of Buckingham Palace Click Here
BBC History Virtual Tours Click Here

12 worldwide Museums with virtual tours and lots of resources and further websites

Click Here
World Book Online have just made over 3,000 ebooks and audiobooks available for free for children to access at home. They have books suitable for all ages. Click Here
Free Online Books Click Here
*NEW* The Virtual Library Click here
Maths - Maths Workout      Username: Adelaide    Password:radius19 Click Here
Maths - Numeracy Workout      Username: Adelaide    Password:radius19 Click Here
Maths - Worksheet Math Click here
Maths - Maths Chase Games Click Here
Maths - S-cool Revision  Click Here
Maths - Top marks Games Click Here
Maths - Maths wirh Carol Vorderman Click Here
Maths - Mathletics - all Key Stages Click Here
Maths - TTRockstars – this is also available as an app Click Here
Maths - Maths Chase Click Here

English/Media -  set spelling tests for each year group

Click Here
English/Media -Into Film Primary Click Here
English/Media - Into Film Secondary Click Here
English/Media - S-cool Revision Click Here
English/Media -Bitesize English Language Click Here
English/Media -Bitesize English Literature Click Here
English/Media - Top marks Games Click Here
English/Media -Funfonix Click Here – 11am story every day and lots of resources

Click Here
English/Media: Phonicsplay  - use the code on the main website to use this for free Click Here

English/Media: Litfilmfest – lots of literacy activities KS1 – KS3

Click Here
English/Media: Pobble365 – different picture each day with activities to do around the picture Click Here
English/ – lots of free resources Click Here
Science - S-cool Revision Click Here
Science - Cool Science Experiments Click Here
Science - National geographic Kids Click Here
Science - Top marks Games Click Here
Science - Funology Science Experiments Click Here
Science - Make me a Genius (American but some great videos) Click Here
Science - Kidszone Experiments Click Here
Science - Nasa Click Here
Science - all about STEM Click Here

Science - Science Museum – lots of resources for all ages

Click Here

Science -  Opal Explore Nature - lots of games and puzzles about natural world

Click Here

Science in a box - science activities you can do at home

Click Here
ICT/DT - ICT Workout    Username: Adelaide    Password: radius19 Click Here
ICT/DT - Gamemaking Click Here
ICT/DT - Dance Mat Typing Click Here
ICT/DT - S-Cool Revision Click Here
ICT/DT - Hour of Code - computing practice for all ages Click Here
ICT/DT - Purple Mash– computing and digital skills KS1, KS2 Click Here
ICT/DT -  - Interland – online safety Click Here
Art - Fun Art Projects Click Here
Art - Crayola Crafts Click Here
Art - The National Gallery Tour Click here
History/Geography - BBC History Games Click Here
History/Geography - KS3 History Games Click Here
History/Geography - National Geographic Kids Click Here
History/Geography - BBC History For Kids Click Here
History/Geography - The Drop Zone (WWII) Click Here
Cooking - S-Cool Revision Click Here
Cooking - Funology Recipes Click here
RE/PSHE - S-Cool Revision Click Here
RE/PSHE - Mindfullness activities Click Here


My Future


Videos of real people talking about their careers Click here
University Virtual Tours Click Here
Careers Box Videos Click Here
CV Advice Click Here
Learn Live - business research Click Here
Online Careers Support Video Chats Click Here
Tomorrow's Engineers Click Here
Stem Challenges

Beat The Flood

Make a conveyer belt

Plastic Problems

Regreen the desert

Squashed Tomato

Stick Gear

Stop the spread

Straw Roller Coaster

UCAS Virtual Events

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Careers of the Future

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 Find your dream career at Career Boss

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 View the latest edition of CareerMag

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