GSO Test

'To help young people help themselves'


Learning Stars for Week: 18th January 2021


Harry N- Commitment and hard work especially in Maths

Aaron A- Hard work and exemplary attitude in every lesson.

Harry S- Learning outside lessons including cooking and farm work!


Zach- Bravery and hard work when reading.

George- Trying hard and having a great attitude.

Taylor- Going above and beyond with his learning.

Mackaiden- Positive engagement and attitude to learning.


Harrison- Trying hard in lessons.


Callum- Superb attitude to learning in Maths.

Ashton- Punctual and committed. Excellent English work.

Learning Stars for Week: 25th January 2021

Brad U, Ross, Elijah, Cahlan- For sitting exams in school- Excellent Attitude


Aaron A, Harry N, Ashton, Mackaiden, Jamie H- Excellent attitude in lessons.


Morgan, Bailey, Ashton, George - Cooking Stars


 Everyone has engaged well and worked hard this half term but our Lockdown Legends are: