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Black History Month and Full Stop To Racism

At Adelaide we believe in equality. From the 19th-22nd October we learnt about black people who have been very important throughout history. This was part of Black History Month. Each form had a key historical figure: Rosa Parks (Y5/6), Mary Seacole (Y7), Harriet Tubman (Y8), Martin Luther King (Y9), Pablo Fanque (Y10y), Walter Tull (Y10x), Nelson Mandela (Y11) and Muhammed Ali (Link). Why not ask your child what they have learnt?

We enjoyed learning about these people and discussing the importance of equality in the world today.


We launched this week by supporting ‘Full Stop to Racism’. This was on Friday 16th October. There were lots of discussions ongoing about racism throughout the world including in the world of work and football! Finch Woods Academy had made a video about racism which we all enjoyed watching! 

Here are some examples of work completed by pupils in school:

View document black_history_month-_nelson_mandela_y11__1_.pdf


View document black_history_month-_harriet_tubman-_y8__1_.pdf

View document black_history_month-_pablo_fanque-_y10y__1_.pdf