Christmas 2019

35 images

Pictures from Christmas 2019

Medical Mavericks - Jobs

20 images

Jobs within medicine


113 images

Our gallery showing the Careers Education Opportunities at Adelaide School

Hot Jobs - Career Pilot

30 images

Hot Jobs from Career Pilot

Tate Modern Visit

21 images

Our visit to the Tate Modern Gallery in London

Traction Crewe 2019

52 images

Working together to build a dragon

A new look for the Pool Room

18 images

Images from the visit from Santander to paint the Pool Room

Reshuffle Project 2019

26 images

The Reshuffle Project at the Lyceum Theatre

Anti-Bullying Drama Workshop

23 images

Anti-Bullying Drama Workshop

Islam - Challenging Misconceptions

7 images

A visit from Muslim Learner Services

VIY Sensory Room Project

65 images

Pictures from the Sensory Room Project

Red Watch 2019

6 images

A visit from The Fire Brigade - Red Watch

SMSC July - Dec 2018

237 images

July'18 to December '18

SMSC Jan-July 2018

261 images

Photos of our activities from Jan'18 - July '18

Alumni Gallery

20 images

Historic images of the school and it's former pupils

College 2017

31 images

Christmas 2017

22 images

Living Eggs

64 images

Careers NHS

27 images

Careers Live

10 images

Burns Night

20 images

Army Talk

12 images

AO World Trip

8 images


5 images

Parent Partners

27 images

Parent Partners is about parents and carers sharing information and experiences with the aim of supporting their children. They meet on Thurs from 1:30pm to 3pm.


10 images

Fairtrade activities at Adelaide

Zoo Lab Day

12 images

Wacky Tacky Day

16 images

Helping Others

11 images


13 images

PSHE 2016-17

4 images

Parent Partnership

9 images

Parent Activities 2016-17

The Great Get Together 2016-17

31 images

Community Event

College 2016-17

21 images

Adelaide Hub

5 images

Adelaide School Primary Provision at St John's Wood Academy in Knutsford

Science 2016/17

18 images

Food Technology

12 images

Careers Event

15 images

History day

33 images


29 images

We went tubing as a reward for home learning.


41 images

Pupils from a range of year groups visited London. Whilst there they had the opportunity to visit the houses of parliament.

Visit to Houses of Parliament

8 images

Trip to Houses of Parliament and London

Summer School Manchester Science and Industry Museum

34 images

pupils visited the museum on day one of summer school.

Summer School Fishing

27 images

On day three of summer school pupils went fishing at Hampton Springs Fishery.

Chill Factore

55 images

a whole school trip to the Chill Factore in Manchester

The Queens 90th Birthday party

107 images

Adelaide held a party for the community to celebrate the Queens birthday,

Joderall Bank

106 images

Lower School went on a science trip to Joderall Bank

Reasheath College

16 images

A variety of pictures from year 9, 10 and 11 Collage

Year 8 residential

48 images

8y went on a residential to Manchester

Easter School: Liverpool Anfield

31 images

Trip to the Liverpool FC football ground "Anfield".

Easter School: Manchester Museum

32 images

Trip to the Manchester Museum during the Easter School.

Ruth Barnett - Holocaust Survivor

13 images

Adelaide pupils meet Ruth, she has survived the holocaust and now she makes sure the history is not forgotten.

Edward Timpson at Adelaide School

13 images

Local PM visiting the Adelaide School.

Sixth Form

20 images

Some photos of Year 12/13

Lessons around school

85 images

Here are some lessons of us learning around school.

Cooking at Adelaide and South Cheshire College

93 images

Here are some pictures of our students cooking at school and Year 12/13 at South Cheshire College

Trip to Chill Factore

88 images

Years 5, 6, 7 & 9 visited Chill Factore before Xmas.

Summer School 2015

29 images

Here are some pictures from Summer School 2015

Holocaust Week

18 images

Miss Appleton and Miss Turner visited Auschwitz and delivered some lessons to the students about the Holocaust.

Adelaide students become CSI's!

11 images

During science lessons, students became CSI's to solve the crime committed!

Election 2015

12 images

Adelaide gets involved with the general election 2015!

Parent Drop In - Yr 12 make the refreshments!

13 images

Year 12 make refreshments for Parent Drop In!

Adelaide votes!

13 images

Adelaide votes for their preferred political party, School Council and School Leader.

Barcelona Trip -Year 12 - March 2015

105 images

Year 12 trip to Barcelona

Airkix - Year 8 & 9 - March 2015

62 images

Year 8 and 9 visited Airkix in Manchester . They took part in a science lesson and experienced indoor skydiving.

Britishness - Parent Drop In

38 images

Some of our parents came in to one of our Britishness lessons.

Home Learning

5 images

Here are some of our pupils doing their learning at home!

Activities around school

32 images

Here are some pictures of us doing other activities in school.

Commonwealth Day

23 images

We learnt about different countries in the Commonwealth and found out what British values they have taken from us and what values we have taken from them.

Hindu Day

25 images

We were lucky to have a visit from Krishna who talked to us about the Hindu faith.

Hamptons Springs Fishery - Fishing trip

16 images

These are some pictures of our trip to Hamptons Springs Fishery

Fire Brigade Visit June 2014

18 images

The Fire Brigade came into visit us and talk about what they do. They also brought their Fire Engine and showed us what a smokey room feels like. Some of us were able to wear the breathing apparatus too. It was a great day.

Geography trail

19 images

Year 7 compete in a geography trail around Crewe.

Computer Club

6 images

Students building computers from scratch!