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'To help young people help themselves'

Parent Directory

CAP | 01274 760720 |
Cap is an agency that gives free debt advise to anyone who feels weighed down by debt.

Wishing Well | 01270 256919 |
A charity aiming to improve health and wellbeing in Crewe. They offer lots of services for families and young people.

Citizens Advice | 0344 411 1444                       
This service offers practical and reliable advice about the law, money, work, housing, rights, healthcare and education.

Clasp | 01270 250 629 |
Free single parent counselling and advice  from supportive and friendly staff.

School Nurse | 01270 685151
Advice and support regarding any issues relating to your child’s health, development or wellbeing.

Cheshire College South and West | 01270 654654 |
Information about adult education courses available.

Catch 22 | 01270 617557
A service that helps people in tough situations turn their lives around.

Community PCSO | 8601270 685151
Offering support and advice around youth offending.