Form Groups

We have moved to vertical form groups for years 8-11, years 5, 6 and 7 remain as nurture form groups.

Each form group is named after a bird of prey.

Form Groups and Tutors

Long-Eared Owl - Miss Rowley and Mrs Wildman-Andrews

Snowy Owl - Mr Salvemini and Mrs Shaw

Tawny Owl - Miss Turner and Mr Ellis

Falcon - Mr Edmonds and Miss Hart

Merlin - Mr Cheadle, Mr Bellamy and Miss Oakes

Kestrel  - Mrs Yeomans and Mr Bowker

Hawk- Mrs Steventon, Mr Cooke and Mr Ednie

Buzzard -  Mr Southern, Miss Pinnington, Mr Carter and Mrs Robinson

Kite - Mr Hodkison and Mrs Musker