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'To help young people help themselves'

Reading is embedded through all elements of school life. There is a comprehensive curriculum as part of English which builds knowledge and skills and ensures that pupils access a range of high quality, aspirational texts. However, there is also an additional reading curriculum which supports pupils to develop their skills throughout the school. In the mornings everybody reads for 20 minutes. This is a positive and engaging part of the day. Tasks could include staff reading aloud to pupils, group engagement in a news article or independent reading. There can be focused elements to some morning sessions for example recently, the whole school have been reading biographies of famous individuals from other cultures.

Disciplinary Literacy is included throughout the school as the ‘Snakes of Literacy’. These are included on all pupil work and can be seen in every classroom. This supports all staff to engage with reading with pupils. Pupils understand that the ‘Snakes’ are about transferrable literacy skills.

Trips and visits often incorporate reading experiences for example, Friday afternoon trips to the book shop and a visit to London to engage with a War of the Worlds interactive experience.


There is a buzz about reading at Adelaide School. Pupil, staff and parent feedback is often sought to develop our practice and listen to all involved. There is a staff group who champion reading in school, so it is not one person’s responsibility. Displays celebrate reading and texts around school. In the pool room, our social area, there are books and newspapers for pupils to read and we have recently developed a book café as part of the intervention rooms.



 Tracking and Intervention

When pupils begin at the school, we complete an initial phonics assessment. We utilise Accelerated Reader to track the reading progress of pupils and we complete a test on entry with this also. Following these initial baselines, we identify pupils who need intervention either daily or weekly and plan this in. We use Read, Write Inc. to deliver these interventions.

Pupils complete Accelerated reader assessments throughout the year so we can monitor progress and put in place necessary interventions or support. This can be short- or long-term dependant on the needs of individuals.

The average standardised score of pupils when they are baselined at Adelaide School is 83 and on the link this is 106.

By the end of Autumn 2023, the average standardised score of pupils had increased to 101 (99 in school and 111 in the link).

The average standardised score of pupil premium pupils on entry is 89.5. By the end of Autumn 2023 this was 103.

The average standardised score of LAC/PLAC pupils on entry is 90.5. By the end of Autumn 2023 this was 101.

Pupils on the link generally enter the school with a higher baseline due to their age, stage and needs.

Gifted and talented pupils have access to a book club and we put in place additional trips and visits such as a group read of War of the Worlds and a trip to London to visit an immersive experience about the text. Some are accessing English Literature GCSE.

6% of our pupils are currently accessing high priority daily intervention in reading and phonics.

We are very proud of the reading progress of our pupils.

Standardised Score - %


End of Autumn Term 2023



















  Our Reading Curriculum Overview

Pupil Questionnaires

Pupils Reading Questionnaires September 2023

The results of the pupil reading questionnaire are in….

  • Only 40% of our pupils tell us they enjoy reading and we are working hard to change this!
  • 70% of pupils tell us they rarely or never read outside of school but the number of pupils who do read at home increases as they move through the school.
  • 14% of children at Adelaide say they read at home with their families.
  • Only 10% of pupils do not believe that staff are helping them to improve their reading.
  • Most of our pupils tell us that they enjoy reading most when someone reads aloud to them or if they are reading quietly on their own.

 Adelaide Loves Reading!

 Adelaide students have been sent a very important personal message of support to keep on reading. Divock Origi, Liverpool FC, sent a video to the students from his training ground in Mexico.

Our Reading Gallery

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