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'To help young people help themselves'

Our Vision - Ethos and Values

Our schools mission statement is 'to help young people help themselves.' We are dedicated to meeting the individual needs of each pupil to help them fulfil their potential as well as becoming active British citizens of the community. We aim to give our pupils the best possible education in an environment that is caring, happy and where everyone feels safe and is valued. Our vision is to ensure that all pupils are engaged in learning and enjoy coming to school. We believe that relationships between staff and pupils are key to the success of pupils at Adelaide. At the heart of our school is pupils holistic development including social, moral, spiritual and cultural experiences.

The values of the school are care, commitment and collaboration.

We are committed to meeting the needs of pupils in our care. We collaborate with others in order to do so. We go above and beyond to care for pupils and ensure they feel respected and valued.