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Work Experience

From Year 10 onwards our pupils are offered the opportunity to go on Work Experience placements. These placements could include workplace visits, taster sessions, virtual experiences or weekly placements. We work carefully to find just the right placement for each pupil. Pupils have careers interviews every week in school where we discuss what they would like to do, monitor how it is going and practise valuable workplace skills. Some pupils will stay with the same employer for an entire year while others will gain experience through a number of work placements.
These experiences and placements build confidence, increase resilience and give pupils valuable and essential skills to add to their CV’s. In the present very tough and competitive labour market young people need  to stand out from the crowd and consistent Work Experience shows that they have a range of very desirable skills.


Lewis was placed at Edward Street garage and they said: “Edward Street garage has supported Work Experience for over 20 years now. We have had both boys and girls wanting to learn the garage trade. Some have gone on to having a career in the industry and some have gone onto doing something  totally different but it is very rewarding knowing that the children have learnt, hopefully enjoyed and got something out of the experience”.

Our pupils get a experience many varied working environments and careers including:

  • Tyre Fitting
  • Mechanics
  • Catering
  • Animal Care and Dog Grooming
  • Retail
  • Farming
  • Social Care
  • Community Support
  • Construction
  • Music and Theatre
  • Office Administration
  • Plumbing


Pupils also receive  support with CV Building, filling in their Job Diaries and looking at Career Paths. Pupils who complete a successful period of Work Experience may also work towards a work skills related qualification.