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Transition Information

Transition into School for Pupils

We spend a great deal of time working with pupils, parents and schools to ensure the effective transition of pupils into Adelaide School regardless of in which year group this occurs. Pupils are invited with their parents to visit the school even before a place has been allocated. They are welcome to visit as many times as they would like. We begin working with the child’s school from an early stage and plan an individual transition program. We have recently developed starter leaflets for parents and pupils before they begin at the school so that they have all of the information that they should need before beginning at Adelaide School.

We work closely with the primary schools to support them in managing challenging pupils. This often means that we have known about a child and their needs for a long time. At times we also have an input into the children’s EHC Plan.

Transitions within school are also well planned for example when pupils move year groups. Good relationships with staff ensure that this is made as simple as possible but careful plans are also put in place. This is a key element of ‘nurture’.

Our official daily start time is 09:00 and official finish time is 15:00, (30 hrs per week).


Transition into School for Staff

There is a detailed policy in place for staff when they begin at Adelaide School. There is an induction timetable which supports staff when they being at the school. This includes meeting with all members of SLT to discuss difference elements of school staff including Safeguarding, planning and data. All staff work as a team and support each other but new staff are also assigned a mentor who can guide them throughout their first term at school.


Transition beyond School for Pupils

All pupils have a follow a careers programme in school which gives them access to a wide range of experiences which helps them to understand themselves and what they want to achieve in life. Pupils also work with our Careers Team to help them to plan their next steps and workplace experiences. They are supported  by staff in school and this support is reduced as they become more confident.  This long term planning means that pupils are ready for the next step. Where pupils are not at this stage parents and carers often elect for their child to remain in 6th form so we can work with them further to prepare them for life beyond school.