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'To help young people help themselves'

ICT and Computing at Adelaide school focuses on developing pupil’s knowledge and skills around ‘digital skills for working life’ whilst exploring components of Computer Science. The curriculum is designed to allow pupils to explore different aspects of computer science, achieve success when using different technology/software and aspire to want to use technology in future careers. The safety of using ICT is embedded throughout the curriculum and covered throughout the academic year.

The ICT curriculum map highlights the journey pupils will embark on in ICT/Computer when they study at Adelaide school.


At KS4 pupils will have the opportunity to access two pathways depending on their academic progress;

 Pathway 1 – Functional skills level 1 and 2 in ICT (23/24) and Digital working skills (24/25).

Pathway 2 – GCSE Computer Science

ICT and Computing Curriculum Information

Curriculum Planning -Key Stage 2

Curriculum Planning - Year 7

Curriculum Planning - Year 8

Curriculum Planning - Year 9

ICT and Computing Careers Overview

ICT and Computing Curriculum Journey

ICT and Computing and Careers